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I’m Danika Robbins-Summers, Owner of Elise Rose & Co. LLC. We are an online hair growth and retention company; and my mission is to work with, inspire and educate women on the importance of hair care and to help them realize that true beauty enhancement starts from within.

As a Hair Care Professional, I have been in this industry over 19 years; and I have helped many women grow and maintain healthy hair. When I started my career as a young girl, I was only excited about creating new and trendy hairstyles for girls and women. The more I worked with various types and conditions of hair, the more my desire grew to learn about hair care. I was 16 when I realized that this was my true heart’s passion. I needed to learn more so my father insisted on more education if this was the field I chose to go into. He then created my first salon space in our home. A few years later, we opened my first brick and mortar salon and the rest is history.

At this point in my career, just being a good hair stylist isn’t enough. My heart’s desire is to help women have healthy hair inside and out. I want every woman who sits in my chair to not only have a nice hairstyle, but to leave knowing that her hair is in good health. I want to introduce to you my newest product line for the health of your hair: 

Hair Growth Oil
Herbal Hair Growth Tea
Hair Growth Retention Gummies

These hair, skin and nails vitamins provide you with nutrients to stimulate hair growth and retention. In addition to the vitamins are hair tea and hair growth oil. The hair tea contains 11 specifically chosen and blended organic herbs that target follicle stimulation and cuticle retention. The tea is drinkable and can be used as a hair rinse. The hair oil ingredients mirror the tea ingredients. The oil keeps hair hydrated and the scalp lubricated for easier follicle accessibility.